Wealth Project 2021
Funding Talented Traders

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Wealth Project 2021 is suitable for anyone who has the desire to gather wealth. In partnership with  AxiCorp one of the leading Forex Brokers, and rated top ten in the world. Working also with a very trusted partner ICMarkets Academy, we believe a major financial education shift and transfer of wealth skills is inevitable. The project carters for everyone from the corporate world to mere learners. We welcome you to Wealth Project 2021. The Wealth Project automatically qualifies you regardless of the service you are participating in. The only difference is the account size. For Talented Traders needing funding kindly click the Get Selected Button for Terms and Conditions.  

Training Programs

Training tailored for aspiring Forex & Stocks Traders wishing to grasp the skills professionally. Years of research was compiled with an understanding that, many start trading with zero qualification to operate in the Financial Markets. In collaboration with ICMarkets Academy, AXI Academy and Everlasting Hedge Fund Managers, we present to you a course worth 3 years in University compressed for you to grasp in a few weeks. Free of charge  under the Wealth Project.

Copy Trading

Learning has never been rewarding from the go. We have made it sure that it is both fun and worthwhile. Our learners get to copy exactly what our trading experts are doing in their live accounts. Learning while you earn is very motivating. Our program is designed for live trading clients on Axi’s platform. Your live account balance is your ticket to access our service. Copy trading requires no involvement from your end, all trades automatically get copied to your live account. 

Signal Group

The Forex market is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday and we are also open for business. We believe in team work. When you join us online via telegram/whatsapp you will be connected to the rest of the world doing the same thing you wanted to do alone. We provide educational trading ideas for educational purpose. Join hands with us and we trade together and make this fun.

The most lucrative thing to do under this wealth project is to come on board as a partner. The opportunities that await for interested partners are vast and risk free. We need partners to help us connect our people in our region. In so doing, there is so much wealth to harvest. Make enquiries via our admin on whatsapp or email us at info@everlastingtp.co.za You will be informed of the various wealth packages available for you to harness any suitable for you.

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